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SOL 'The storm bells chime'

SOL ‘The storm bells chime’

Danish recording project SOL have gone through quite an intriguing career, substantially marked by 4 studio albums released on important record labels like Van Records (Germany) and Cold Spring (Uk). Their career spawned from weird and harsh doom metal episodes to a later, quite drastic, turn.. more and more towards apocalyptic music scenarios: experimental dark folk,...
'Jhanas-Nur' the beginning.....

‘Jhanas-Nur’ the beginning…..

200 copies will be the total edition, coming in a rough-cardboard numbered box and including a set of cards (gold print on black): that’s the basic set-up for ‘Jhanas-Nur’ CD reissue. This is where the magic path of DOWNFALL OF NUR started, a very rough demo maybe, but that already shown some clear and bright inspiration for the...
AION 'Verses of Perdition' european digipack release

AION ‘Verses of Perdition’ european digipack release

We promised a few times we would restrain signing bands from the nowdays over-populated current of so called ‘occult black death metal‘, although we recognise so many excellent outfits in that niche, it has become quite trendy to release records with omegas, esoteric symbols that not even the bands themselves understand, drapes, serpents and skulls...
Hornwood Fell 'Yheri' (new album)

Hornwood Fell ‘Yheri’ (new album)

HORNWOOD FELL and Avantgarde Music announce the release of a new album together:  ’Yheri‘ is a concept album consisting of eight pieces and it will be out in late Semptember. Like all concept albums, it ‘very important to read the lyrics to understand the musical passages. Many parts of the lyrics have not been sung...
Battle Dagorath signs to Avantgarde Music

Battle Dagorath signs to Avantgarde Music

BATTLE DAGORATH was brought into existence in 2002. Since the beginning, creating a death march through Cosmic Frozen Landscapes, Cold Bleak Atmospheres and Intense Glorification of Darkness. The essence of Battle Dagorath is reaching into the vast Primordial Dimensions. Landscapes that represent the pure misanthropic dreams of the dying winter, nihilism, darkness, the chaos of...
Alien Syndrome 777

Alien Syndrome 777

An international avantgarde black metal project set-up around the main figure of guitarist/songwriter Alessandro Rossi (Blackdrone Inc, Emrevoid) started in 2007 with his virtual meeting with the experimental electronic US producer Joey Hopkins (Joey Hopkins Midget Factory). Fueled by a mutual interest in extreme music and sci-fi themes, the two began recording original material in their own...
Sivyj Yar 'Burial Shrouds'

Sivyj Yar ‘Burial Shrouds’

We are more than proud to announce that the collaboration with SIVYJ YAR will continue after their magnificent 2014 release ‘From the Dead Village Darkness’. A new album is recorded and completed since quite a few months but only recently got the necessary Artwork done! ‘Burial Shrouds‘ will be released on 23/09/2015
The Howling Void starts recording new album

The Howling Void starts recording new album

After the release of the marvellous mini CD ‘Runa’, Ryan has officially started writing and recording a new album, tentatively titled ‘The Triumph of Ruin‘. We have the privilege to advance the main Art that will be used on the front cover of such album that is promised to bring THV to even different fields...
Solefald 'Jernlov' 2x7"

Solefald ‘Jernlov’ 2×7″

Continuing the AVXX series started on the L.S.D. weekend, we are proud to announce a new one-of-a-kind release. By conjunction more than coincidence, Avantgarde Music and Solefald celebrate their respective 20 years anniversaries crossing paths again after 1997′s “The Linear Scaffold” and 1999′s “Neonism” by reissuing “Jernlov“, the 1995′s demo tape that started history for one of...
Harrow and The Deathtrip CDs in stock now

Harrow and The Deathtrip CDs in stock now

Both HARROW album ‘Fallow Fields’ and The DEATHTRIP ‘A foot in each hell’ demo compilation cd are in stock now! We are talking about two 6-panels digipacks! Press responses for Canadian Harrow has been overwhelming so far: we hope to repeat the success of the recent release of Ashbringer ‘Vacant’ CD  
Spleen Black Metal, the consecration of Nocturnal Depression

Spleen Black Metal, the consecration of Nocturnal Depression

Slowly but unstoppable, Nocturnal Depression escalate their weight and importance in the DSBM scene release by release since their 2006’s grand classic ‘Nostalgia..’ and reaching now to their 5th studio album: Spleen Black Metal. As the title per-sè foretells, this album is lyrically built on the poems of a selected elìte of French poets and...
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico

Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico

“Torri del Silenzio” is M.D.A.E. new album! Previously announced with a pre-summer release date, we later decided in agreement with the band to take it more step by step and prepare an huge release that will consist of an A5 digibook wth a 100 copies limited edition coming in a box and including extra artworks...