Nortt "Endeligt" will be out ten years after "Galgenfrist"

Nortt “Endeligt” will be out ten years after “Galgenfrist”

For ten long years people living in the isle of Fyn thought they could live peacefully and serene. They have never been more wrong. Nortt is back, and his fourth full length Endeligt will shatter every single positive and hopeful thought. The first release since 2007 will be published exactly ten years after Galgenfrist, on...
Hornwood Fell third album, 'My Body, My Time', out this autumn

Hornwood Fell third album, ‘My Body, My Time’, out this autumn

Evolution is a long and complex process, which requires several, if not many different phases. Hornwood Fell, from the woods of central Italy, now reach the third landmark in their career with My Body, My Time, and keep on changing. Sharp riffs are now mixed with more intricate patterns, the odd psychedelic hints sprout here...
A Pale December 'The Shrine Of Primal Fire' debut out in early November

A Pale December ‘The Shrine Of Primal Fire’ debut out in early November

The grey mist surrounding Milan was the perfect setting for multi-instrumentalists Korpsvart and Ymir to start writing music, an atmospheric black metal devoted to the Pacific Northwest, yet mixed with blackgaze and a taste of depressive rock. The result of such effort is called A Pale December. The milanese band is only debuting, but their...
Angela Martyr 'The November Harvest' release

Angela Martyr ‘The November Harvest’ release

Angela Martyr ‘The November Harvest’ A5-sized digipack CD The new creature of Morgan Bellini (VANESSA VAN BASTEN). Grungy, mechanical, pessimistic metalgaze. For fans of Godflesh, Slowdive, Katatonia (early), Alice in Chains Releases November 25, 2016 Cover by Fred Einaudi Layout by Tryfar Mastering by James Plotkin Preorder Links at our stores:
Enisum signs to Avantgarde Music

Enisum signs to Avantgarde Music

Avantgarde Music welcomes Enisum in the house! ‘Seasons of Desolation’ will be recorded and mixed between December and the early days of 2017 and released on cd and vinyl a few months later, in April. After spending most of last year playing gigs in every corner of Italy and Europe, the band is now switching-off...
Panzerfaust 'The Lucifer Principle' announcement

Panzerfaust ‘The Lucifer Principle’ announcement

Panzerfaust announce the release of ‘The Lucifer Principle’   After nearly 3 years of relative silence, Panzerfaust returns with their fourth invocation – a concept record – ‘The Lucifer Principle’ via Avantgarde Music. ‘THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE’ bridges the broader works of Howard Bloom’s novel of the same title; which “explores the intricate relationships among genetics,...
The crazy gang of Krasseville

The crazy gang of Krasseville

In the dirty streets of Western France, les bas-fonds, we had the mad idea to give a social chance to an handful of individuals defeated and then enlightened by life, Krasseville. “western suicidal fashionable rock music” they call their chansons de bidonvilles, but we can tell you: they know what they are doing with their...
Old Forest signs to Avantgarde for "Dagian"

Old Forest signs to Avantgarde for “Dagian”

Strange story the one of Brighton’s OLD FOREST: formed way back in time (1998) and releasing almost immediately the debut album “Into the old forest” on Mordgrimm Records (the second incarnation of Uk’s glorious Cacophonous Records), but then again taking a rather and unnatural long hiatus until 2007. An handful of eps and demos until their sophomore “None...
Fifth to Infinity debut album

Fifth to Infinity debut album

Nader Jonas Resland (vocals and guitars), David Lindh (bass) and ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, united under the dark forces of the monicker Fifth to Infinity are finally coming out to human visibility with the debut step “Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire”: a colossal blackened dark metal album that’s been talked about in the underground network for over...
AION 'Verses of Perdition' european digipack release

AION ‘Verses of Perdition’ european digipack release

We promised a few times we would restrain signing bands from the nowdays over-populated current of so called ‘occult black death metal‘, although we recognise so many excellent outfits in that niche, it has become quite trendy to release records with omegas, esoteric symbols that not even the bands themselves understand, drapes, serpents and skulls...
The Clearing Path

The Clearing Path

THE CLEARING PATH, from Milan, hometown of Avantgarde Music… a solo-project conducted by Gabriele Gramaglia who made us happy stating clearly he hates the labelling post-core on his music. “Post” is probably a word we will probably often read in The Clearing Path reviews, but what caught our attention is his ability in making apparently...
Plateau Sigma signs to Avantgarde Music

Plateau Sigma signs to Avantgarde Music

…with us, Plateau Sigma. If you haven’t bought their “The True Shape Of Eskatos” album yet you are missing something, and not just”another cd”.We couldn’t just look at this beautiful flower from the neighborhood: we wanted it with us. ‘Rituals‘ is a new ep they are working on, tentatively including 4 new tracks and a...