Actual Releases
Downfall of Nur 'Umbras de Barbagia' new editions

Downfall of Nur ‘Umbras de Barbagia’ new editions

The success of Downfall  of Nur‘s debut is unstoppable: after a digisleeve edition and an A5 digipack reissue, we are not sold on both, and are going to have a standard jewelcase edition for all future sales. The album was also recently released on double LP! You can order both here
Mesarthim 'Pillars' CD/LP

Mesarthim ‘Pillars’ CD/LP

Their 2015 “Isolate” debut started quite many interests in the whole world on the MESARTHIM project, the album being praised at every latitude of the planet and being a huge success on the web. Now Mesarthim are back with a new 32 minutes long EP titled ‘Pillars’ and coming in 6 panels digipack. Again the...
Auriga 'VII - Dimensions of Asymmetry'

Auriga ‘VII – Dimensions of Asymmetry’

Auriga comes from ancient Foenicia region, the actual Lebanon Sure indeed a weird country where to play this kind of music! Auriga album reminds us a lot of Darkspace debut releases: fast-paced space blackmetal with radical and minimalistic sounds production, but yet very cold and and with chilling atmospheres! Order Auriga CD here!
Solefald 'Jernlov' Double 7"

Solefald ‘Jernlov’ Double 7″

Here it comes finally: a demo tape that made history! Comes remastered for vinyl in double 7″ black wax and gatefold cover, printed on upgraded stock cardboard! Mailorder copies come with a CD (same audio content of the vinyls set)! Order your copy here
Addaura '.​​.​​​.​​and the lamps expire'

Addaura ‘.​​.​​​.​​and the lamps expire’

Addaura’s second coming “…and the lamps expire” is released on A5 digipack CD. Finally Addaura on compact disc after digital or vinyl only releases! Black metal that feels so graceful it is hard to get while this music’s scenario is generally cut in 2 parts: the tradititional militant black metal and the daring, experimental, atmospheric...
The Howling Void "The Triumph of Ruin"

The Howling Void “The Triumph of Ruin”

The Howling Void fifth full length album has been now released by Avantgarde Music in March as a 6 panels digipack! With “The Triumph of Ruin” Ryan managed to push THV even more into those desolation and epic fields yet anticipated in the minialbum “Runa”, reaching now an unique sound, definitely more personal, melancholic than...
Krallice 'Hyperion' and 'Years Past Matter'

Krallice ‘Hyperion’ and ‘Years Past Matter’

“Years Past Matter” is Krallice  self-released 2012 album, now finally out also on a label and for the first time available in Europe! “Y.P.M.” is the album that focused the world on Krallice and an album that changed the way many people into black metal (meant as in its traditional form) listened to music in...
Echoes of the Moon 'Entropy'

Echoes of the Moon ‘Entropy’

US post-blackmetal one man band “Entropy” is the follow up to the 2014 album “Esoteric” and features a more polished sound and explores similar philosophical themes. The first 4 tracks take the listener into very dark territory with brief moments of peace and beauty while the last 4 tracks take the listener through beauty with...
Selvans 'Lupercalia'

Selvans ‘Lupercalia’

“Lupercalia” is the full length album by italian pagan black metal horde SELVANS; their second offering after February’s 2015 debut mini cd ‚Clangores Plenilunio’. After almost a year spent on the road countrywise playing tens of concerts in support of the newly formed band and the debut mini, Selvans entered again the studio to record...
Mesarthim 'isolate' release details

Mesarthim ‘isolate’ release details

We are happy to reveal that the digipack CD will include a bonus track called ‘Suffocate‘ This is a marvellous new composition written and recorded to bless the physical release of the album. With its 9’58″ in fact the track is surely not to be considered a filler but rather a glorious value-add given from...
New releases preorder

New releases preorder

All January releases are now in preorder in our store and in the merch section of our Bandcamp page. On Bandcamp fans can now also buy and download the files packages in their favorite format. Please follow these links! Fifth to Infinity ‘Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire’                   Digital download...
The Quest For A Morning Star... for the Heart, the Ears and the Eyes

The Quest For A Morning Star… for the Heart, the Ears and the Eyes

Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu recently released a collection of music entitled “The Quest For A Morning Star”, to raise funds for the victims of the recent tragedy at Club Collectiv, in Bucharest (30.10.2015) All proceeds raised from the paid digital downloads were donated to a foundation collecting funds for the victims. His campaign ended on...