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L'isolement... by Nocturnal Depression

L’isolement… by Nocturnal Depression

“L’isolement” is NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION new offering. A 7″ep including tracks “L’Isolement” and “Beskidt og Forlat“ A limited selection of copies of this ep will include a bonus CD featuring the two vinyl songs plus a few cover songs: Forgotten Tomb medley (Disheartenment/Love’s burial ground) and Nargaroth’ “Seven tears are flowing into the river” A T-Shirt...
New Releases May 2013

New Releases May 2013

Finally and after a certain suffering in the production stage, we welcome home the previously announced new releases. We are extremely pleased by the media&press responses obtained so far! The slight style change made by NAHAR was well accepted and their “The strange inconvenience” hit the inner side of the darkest ones with its slow,...


  A new celebration of life… Ladies and gents and so We breath again, in this new multi-layered musical biosphere called PROGENIE TERRESTRE PURA - q[T]p -   Their debut album “U.M.A.” (Uomini, Macchine, Anime) will let people talk for a while since April 15th 2013 and on… It will be a nicely packaged 5-tracks album,...
Echoes of Yul "Cold ground"

Echoes of Yul “Cold ground”

2012 - AV212 - CD, Limited CD
Shining/MonumentuM Split 7"

Shining/MonumentuM Split 7″

2012 - AV217 - 7''
Situs Magus 'Le Grand Oeuvre' release details

Situs Magus ‘Le Grand Oeuvre’ release details

2012 - AV214 - CD, Limited CD
Dark Space "-I" available for pre-orders

Dark Space “-I” available for pre-orders

2012 - AV213 - CD, LP
Manii "kollaps"

Manii “kollaps”

2012 - AV215 - CD, Limited CD, LP
Xasthur "nightmares at dawn"

Xasthur “nightmares at dawn”

2012 - AV211 - CD, Limited Digipack + t-shirt
Towards Darkness 'Barren' + 'Empire'

Towards Darkness ‘Barren’ + ‘Empire’

2012 - AV210 - CD + EP
Alternative 4 "The Brink"

Alternative 4 “The Brink”

2011 - AV209 - CD, Limited CD

Amnis Nihili “Christological Escalation” OUT NOW

2011 - AV206 - MLP, MCD