New Releases on sale now

New Releases on sale now

After a huge delay and a countless chain of bad events and problems, we are finally releasing -now for real- the four new albums announced many months ago. MANII ‘Kollaps’  Standard CD, LP and Limited BOX CD SITUS MAGUS ‘Le Grand Oeuvre’ Standard CD and Limited BOX CD LABURINTHOS ‘Augoeides’ Digipack CD ECHOES OF YUL...
Grim Funeral 'Abdication under funeral dirge'

Grim Funeral ‘Abdication under funeral dirge’

Details about Grim Funeral‘ sophomore album, as well as an audio preview, will be posted here this week Check back……..   The funeral bell calls..   ‘Abdication under funeral dirge’   ‘Abdication under funeral dirge’
Shining/MonumentuM Split 7"

Shining/MonumentuM Split 7″

2012 - AV217 - 7''
Some news at the end of the darkness...

Some news at the end of the darkness…

It took a while and it has some valid reasons the huge delay gained with the -supposed- September releases. We dont want to share melancholy in an already depressed world, therefore we keep the whining in our house and shoot the facts then! We have four releases in the manufacturing process now, plus the 2nd edition...
New releases preview

New releases preview

"Dark Space -I" CD: the bitter necessary update...

“Dark Space -I” CD: the bitter necessary update…

“Dark Space -I” CD: a bitter but necessary update. As many of you know, in Darkspace tradition every new CD release is anticipated by a limited digipack edition curated by the band itself. This time things went bad and unlucky: we even had plans to have the CD before the vinyl. While vinyls are already...
Situs Magus 'Le Grand Oeuvre' release details

Situs Magus ‘Le Grand Oeuvre’ release details

2012 - AV214 - CD, Limited CD
"There are times when something so good comes along that you have to sit up and take notice"

“There are times when something so good comes along that you have to sit up and take notice”

Echoes of Yul is an act from Opale, Poland dwelling in a sound balanced between a relatively minimal and trance-inducing down-tempo akin to Jesu and the eerie discordant noise of Godflesh. The convergence of influences from two of the most prominent projects of one Justin K. Broadrick is for the most part extremely enjoyable with...
Dark Space "-I" available for pre-orders

Dark Space “-I” available for pre-orders

2012 - AV213 - CD, LP
Towards Darkness 'Barren' per-order

Towards Darkness ‘Barren’ per-order

“Barren” is the new sensational album of Canadian doom monsters TOWARDS DARKNESS… Only for mailorder/retail sales this digipack is sold in bundle with their unreleased minialbum “Empire” as a BONUS extra disc!! 100 copies limited! Normal distribution copies will not include the “Empire” disc! “Barren” comes as a digipack. ORDER HERE  
Xasthur 'Nightmares at Dawn' pre-order

Xasthur ‘Nightmares at Dawn’ pre-order

This is a pre-order for XASTHUR “Nightmares at Dawn” limited edition 100 copies digipack with T-Shirt. Please note that since this lot of copies will be sold out the album will be available in jewelcase format only and both digipack and tshirt sold-out. Please state your T-Shirt size: until 15.03 we will be able to...
Minus ONE Minus ONE Minus ONE Minus ONE Minus ONE

Minus ONE Minus ONE Minus ONE Minus ONE Minus ONE

Darkspace “Dark Space -1″ finally close to manufacturing… There’s quite a few details to be adjusted, decided & revealed last hour, but at least it seems like we will have this done shortly. Minus One will be released in gatefold embossed vinyl and cd.