Wode "Servants of the Countercosmos"

Wode “Servants of the Countercosmos”

Manchester’ sensation WODE signed to Avantgarde Music for their second effort, after the successful same title debut album. Initially conceived as a mini album only, “Servants of the Countercosmos” was graced by an exceptional moment of inspiration of the band, thus spontaneously becoming a full length during writing and recording process. Once released the album...
Aelter 'IV Love Eternal' cd release

Aelter ‘IV Love Eternal’ cd release

Yet known for a cinematically dreary dreamscape of doom-inspired darkness, on “Love Eternal” Aelter has fully embraced a shadow-cast landscape of gothic Western folk music and hypnotic darkwave country. Previously released on vinyl only in the US by Pesanta Urfolk, now we are proud to offer this album in digipack cd format and make it...
'Total Desecration of Existence' by Azelisassath

‘Total Desecration of Existence’ by Azelisassath

The evil mind yet behind obscure projects like Bekëth Nexëhmü, Urkaos, Mistyk, Trolldom and Gniphalan released another incredible black metal assault Something that will make happy both traditional fans of the genre and newcomers This is an aboslute high peak of the latest 10 years out now and available in the store
Enisum - Seasons of Desolation OUT NOW in all formats

Enisum – Seasons of Desolation OUT NOW in all formats

Enisum bless their first album for Avantgarde Music with a spectacular and intense follow-up to the much-praised Arpitanian Lands album from 2015. Having spent most of the last two years playing live in Europe, the Italians’ popularity has scaled up incredibly. Enisum shared stages with Nocturnal Depression, Psychonaut 4, Primordial, Blaze of Sorrow, and many,...
Selvans releases special limited live album

Selvans releases special limited live album

While Selvans are full time working on the second full-length, Avantgarde Music is going to celebrate the closing of the first chapter of the band activity with a special release (for the meaning and the feature): the live album ‘Hirpi’. The album consists of four tracks covering the three Selvans releases plus the live cover...
Asofy 'Nessun Luogo' - new release out now

Asofy ‘Nessun Luogo’ – new release out now

“The area where I live is not a precise place, it has no horizons, neither me that I’m talking I’ve never had a particular attachment to it, conversely I felt far away, it has been a place just linking the living experience of people to the area, their memory, and now that also these persons...
Mesarthim new double EP out now

Mesarthim new double EP out now

They are titled ‘The Great Filter’ and ‘Type III’: that’s MESARTHIM latest digital releases, two one-track eps initially and as usual habit for the band, released on their bandcamp only, and now joint together in one release only. ‘The Great Filter / Type III’ is out now on digipack CD and LP You can purchase...
Manetheren 'The End' CD release

Manetheren ‘The End’ CD release

Manethren release a new album after “Time” (2013 Debemur Morti) and take an even deeper dive into the realm of atmospheric black metal ‘The End’ presents many layers of atmospheres and a better sound research than the previous entry, especially by using the although dominant guitar in alternative ways, creating samples and original sound patterns....
Sojourner, A5 digi, Tshirt and vinyl

Sojourner, A5 digi, Tshirt and vinyl

After the unexpected success of their debut album, whose first press in digipack went sold out in a matter of days, we are now repressing it under a different format, an A5 digipack with expanded artoworks. The A5 is already in preorder since a few weeks in our stores and immediately started selling We also...
Angela Martyr 'The November Harvest' release

Angela Martyr ‘The November Harvest’ release

Angela Martyr ‘The November Harvest’ A5-sized digipack CD The new creature of Morgan Bellini (VANESSA VAN BASTEN). Grungy, mechanical, pessimistic metalgaze. For fans of Godflesh, Slowdive, Katatonia (early), Alice in Chains Releases November 25, 2016 Cover by Fred Einaudi Layout by Tryfar Mastering by James Plotkin Preorder Links at our stores:
Enisum signs to Avantgarde Music

Enisum signs to Avantgarde Music

Avantgarde Music welcomes Enisum in the house! ‘Seasons of Desolation’ will be recorded and mixed between December and the early days of 2017 and released on cd and vinyl a few months later, in April. After spending most of last year playing gigs in every corner of Italy and Europe, the band is now switching-off...
Recitations 'The First of the Listeners' cd/lp

Recitations ‘The First of the Listeners’ cd/lp

Recitations started work on what would become “the First of the Listeners” in late 2015, after ideas and thoughts had built up and been discussed between the members for quite some time.  The aim was to create unpretentious dark music in an experimental exploration of both unusual harmonies and patterns, as well as lyrical content,...