Laburinthos, new signing

Laburinthos, new signing

New signing: Laburinthos … a Romanian band that came into being at the end of 2009. In the musical inferno of transmodernity, Laburinthos aims at burning all the heresies of present day music. Thus, by transposing the concept of labyrinth into music, a new avant-garde style was created: Labyrinthine BlueWave. Besides the sonority of a...
The "Cold Ground" of Echoes of Yul.....

The “Cold Ground” of Echoes of Yul…..

Echoes of Yul “Cold Ground” facelift!!! The album is currently under the hands of maestro James Plotkin for mastering, while they have decided to completely change artwork and layout of the album! Please have a look here at the new front cover. Even better we would say!   1.circles  2.foundations 3.-  4.libra  5.numbers  6.the tenant...
General update February 2012

General update February 2012

Promising a more detailed update for each and every mentioned Artist in the coming days, we hereby advance a few work-in-progress.. …XASTHUR ‘Nightmares at Dawn’: the CD is soon going to manufacture and we will run a small pre-order campaign for the digipack edition of the album sold in bundle with an exclusive T-Shirt. One...
Towards Darkness 'Barren' + 'Empire'

Towards Darkness ‘Barren’ + ‘Empire’

2012 - AV210 - CD + EP
Manii (Manes) to release 'Kollaps' on Avantgarde Music

Manii (Manes) to release ‘Kollaps’ on Avantgarde Music

Manii is the new incarnation of Manes, a pioneeristic black metal act from Norway, born 1993 and remained one of the most obscure outfit off the entire Norwegian BM movement. While other bands were progressing either in terms of switching to a more ear-friendly black metal sound or building a career, Manes remained beyond it...
'Nightmares at Dawn'

‘Nightmares at Dawn’

We are proud to announce to have sealed an agreement with XASTHUR for the release of this giant combo: “Nightmares at Dawn” Unreleased album (consisting of 14 tracks recorded between 2004 and 2009!!) “Summoning the End of Time” Re-issue (split album with Acid Enema) “Sermon in the Name of Death” Re-issue (split album with Angra...
Amnis Nihili "Christological Escalation" OUT NOW

Amnis Nihili “Christological Escalation” OUT NOW

2011 - AV206 - MLP, MCD
Alternative 4 'The Brink'

Alternative 4 ‘The Brink’

‎’The Brink’ is now completed, the band working on the very last details of the cover artwork and we, now posting the album to medias interested in running some coverage on this. The album deserves to “give it all”: it discloses its depth and beauty step by step, one per every single listen. Apparently “keeping...
Shining - Official Live Album

Shining – Official Live Album

I start this post with some special thanks to Spinefarm Records for “letting them go for a short walk” with another label, disregarding the running exclusive deal and the relevant financial and physical support (work!) they are putting into the band. Thanks Nelli & whole Spinefarm / Universal Music Finland HQ’s. And thanks Niklas for...
Situs Magus progressing on album completion

Situs Magus progressing on album completion

A rather unusual signing that it was, as many others are nowdays, Situs Magus: a one-man project band from France who back then just started working on ‘their’ debut album. We came to an agreement with a certain excitement disregarding the fact that we could listen only to one song. Sometimes it’s really all about...
Alternative 4/MonumentuM split 7" ep release

Alternative 4/MonumentuM split 7″ ep release

19/09/2011 Update: Alternative 4 have already delivered both Audio and their side’s Artwork for the announced split 7″ EP. ‘False Light’ is among the heaviest tracks of ‘The Brink’ album, which sees Duncan returning back to a more “rock-electronic instrumentation” based project. A proper post about the album is being delivered shortly. Now to focus...
Dystopia Nå! - 'Syklus' finally entering production

Dystopia Nå! – ‘Syklus’ finally entering production

It’s been a while since we started talking with these young Oslo-ers, their debut album ‘Syklus’ was basically and almost already recorded but needed somehow to be re-edited in details. During the Summer our Art-wizard Tryfar granted them also a beautiful artwork and packaging, so here we are now… ‘Syklus’ is going to manufacture. Their...