There is a moment in life for everybody of us, except a few lucky ones, when you can not simply look forward  and not look back either.

This happened to me in Autumn 2010.. it was quite frustrating to realise that I was conducting what i could define as my “dream of a life job” but with more and more angst, frustration, delusion and, most of all, a completely bleak vision for the future.

Avantgarde Music, as you can read somewhere else in this site, started in 1994 and was a sort of “free rider” in the extreme metal business panorama. A friend of mine recently told me: “you know what is the impression i always had about your label in these years ? It’s that you have this -fuck you  and your rules, we are underground !!- attitude, and i liked it a lot”

The fact is: in the last years we remained underground by all means, but with much suffering with ourselves.. which leads to invisible incoherence and visible compromises.

It was a big delusion and FAILURE to realise that i was arriving at work at morning with a “i wanna go home” feeling…. and this lead to a big shake and break in the end of 2010.

What is the mission of the “new” Avantgarde Music then ? Basically what i am aiming fo, first of all, is to gain back the SPIRIT that animated this label in the first half of its existence and, consequently, the RESPECT of people. Something i felt becoming smaller and smaller year by year: respect.

The Mission is, paradoxically, that there is no given mission if not to try and release music that we strongly like and believe into. A feeling that went lost in the latest  years (I can reckon after 2005) and not only because of our fault.

The music business has changed in the last 5-6 years, dramatically changed in fact, to a point where i don’t even clearly understand what is the role of a record label in 2011. Record sales are ridicolous when compared to our habits until a few years ago. But probably for this very reason in fact we have to get tight on quality and not quantity. The “new” era  of Avantgarde Music has no specific restrictions if not that I want to jump on my (cheap) chair when i listen to a band that i approach in order to sign a  deal with us, whatever the style… doom, black, postrock or postwhatever… we are in the era of “posts” anyway and we are also, somehow, a post ! Post Avantgarde Music !!

I dont know what will be the future for this company, as well as i dont know what will be the future for this whole music circus and the future for the whole world ! Bands send us your music and share your dream with us !