General inquiries (distribution, promotion):

Demo submissions:

We strongly encourage bands to send their demos, whether being just rehearsals, recordings in the making or finished albums. Please avoid wasting additional money and do not send cds: we dont need it. Please do not send mp3 by email: this is not expensive but rather annoying for us. The best way to send your songs is to upload them on the web wherever it is possible to stream-play them: if you are bored by Myspace or want something more direct, sign-up to specific web hostings like and send us the links ! It is all that we need !

What are we looking for: anything atmospheric and creative. Being it doom, post-whatever metal or simply black metal or even not metal at all….

What we are not looking for: we dont have limits in our genre, but if your band is mostly based on aggression and loud volume, or thrash death metal… you should avoid wasting your and our time.

General Mail address :

Via Daniele Crespi 7
20123 Milano Italy