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Darkspace @ Sonic Mountains

Darkspace @ Sonic Mountains

Sa, 12. Januar 2013, 21:00 Darkspace / Cyrill Schläpfers Dampfschiffsymphonie / OP Rechts & Hess The annual event “Sonic Mountains” at Dampfzentrale works out the little known history of the Swiss avant-garde and gives as well an important platform for innovative musicians from the present. 2013 edition presents three very contrasting musical projects, which highlight...
Some news at the end of the darkness...

Some news at the end of the darkness…

It took a while and it has some valid reasons the huge delay gained with the -supposed- September releases. We dont want to share melancholy in an already depressed world, therefore we keep the whining in our house and shoot the facts then! We have four releases in the manufacturing process now, plus the 2nd edition...
Dark Space "-I" available for pre-orders

Dark Space “-I” available for pre-orders

2012 - AV213 - CD, LP
on black wax, DARKSPACE reanimate to destroy

on black wax, DARKSPACE reanimate to destroy

Reanimate the past and destroy it, give it a new life to achieve a new, more glorious, death: at least because, with good peace to misanthropy, there is no saddest funeral than the one with no partecipants. Since their scene overtaking thanks to the reissue of “Dark Space I”, “Dark Space II” and the more...


Lineup: Wroth – Guitar, Vocals Zorgh – Bass, Vocals Zhaaral – Guitar, Vocals myspace |
Darkspace "III"

Darkspace “III”

2008 - AV102 - CD
Darkspace "II"

Darkspace “II”

2006 - AV093 - CD
Darkspace "I"

Darkspace “I”

2006 - AV092 - CD