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KAUAN "Kuu.." Nice-Price sale on Tshirts

KAUAN “Kuu..” Nice-Price sale on Tshirts

KAUAN Tshirts are now available at a very nice price in special offer. The first run didn’t turn out really *that* dark red…  but we now have them, Cardinal (dark) Red, plus Black and the Red ones. We also revised to the bottom scale the bundle offer Digipack CD + T-Shirt. It’ only 8.00 euro...
Kauan "Kuu.."

Kauan “Kuu..”

2011 - AV204 - CD
Kauan new album preview

Kauan new album preview

We are happy to finally have some new music in our player… This is “Ikuinen Junan Kulku” from KAUAN’s forthcoming album “Ku..”  
KAUAN and TOWARDS DARKNESS albums appetizers...

KAUAN and TOWARDS DARKNESS albums appetizers…

Hey hey, we have uploaded here & there some previews from the forthcoming albums of KAUAN and TOWARDS DARKNESS. Kauan is now completed: recorded, mixed and mastered through a true ‘state of the Art’ process, its sound is just incredibly amazing and crafts the now well known writing skills of main composer, musician and vocalist...

on KAUAN and finno-russian wuthering heights !

Anton Belov is a talented musician and a charming vocalist from Russia (singing in Finnish !), leading the atmospheric folk project KAUAN, who already released three albums for Bad Mood Man and Firebox. We have been fans of his music since their second album and thus a pleasure to announce hereby the signing of Kauan...


Line-up: Anton Belov – guitar, vocals, keys, programming Lyubov Mushnikova – violin myspace | metal-archives