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The River ep - MonumentuM

The River ep – MonumentuM

MonumentuM is releasing through Avantgarde Music and their new sublabel This is Heresy! the completion of  ”The River ep”, already anticipated a year ago by the version of the song released on the split 7″ with swedish provokers  Shining. “The River ep” is an unusual tribute to one specific song: PJ Harvey’s ‘the river’, here...
Shining/MonumentuM Split 7"

Shining/MonumentuM Split 7″

2012 - AV217 - 7''
Alternative 4/MonumentuM split 7" ep release

Alternative 4/MonumentuM split 7″ ep release

19/09/2011 Update: Alternative 4 have already delivered both Audio and their side’s Artwork for the announced split 7″ EP. ‘False Light’ is among the heaviest tracks of ‘The Brink’ album, which sees Duncan returning back to a more “rock-electronic instrumentation” based project. A proper post about the album is being delivered shortly. Now to focus...